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Your child’s first dentist appointment should be scheduled within six months of the first tooth’s arrival. Since even the youngest children can get decay, it is really important to visit the dentist regularly. During these early visits, we are looking for any problems and to help you get in a habit of practicing good dental care. It is important that you stay positive so that your child enjoys coming in to visit us.

To avoid cavities, you should avoid giving your child sweetened liquids like soda. Even though some items do not have as much sugar, even fruit juice, milk, and formula contain some sugar, which can cause decay. It is also important that you don’t put your child to bed with a bottle. All of that sugar in prolonged contact with teeth is just asking for cavities. This problem is so common it has a name: Baby-Bottle Caries.

It is always important to set a good example for your children. They are great at following your lead so you should brush and floss regularly while they are watching. They need to learn from you how important good dental care is. If your children are interested, give them a toothbrush and teach them to brush their own teeth. You will still need to help, but at least they are showing an interest. Most children are able to brush their teeth properly by the time they are six or seven years old.

It is important that you make brushing fun. You can try different flavored toothpastes and different brushes with special characters on them. Maybe you can sing a special song while brushing. The important thing is to teach your children about good dental health.

If you have any questions about caring for your children’s teeth, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (702) 255-0133.