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What makes A Childrens Dentist special is that they only cater to children, making them feel comfortable from the moment that they enter. Dr Josh was attentive with my grand daughter helping her feel at ease by explaining everything to her in advance. Even the dentist chairs are scaled preportionately for little ones. Thank you for you excellent service. ~~ Rich Bovino

Dr. Saxe is amazing and the entire office staff is so great! They are so fabulous with my daughter- I love this office! Would never go anywhere else!!! ~~ Laura Deegan

I wish this place was around when I was a kid. They’re fantastic. Yes, they are higher priced then some, but you really get what you pay for. Nothing but the best for my little guy, so this is where we go for his dental care. ~~ Erin Hall Olivier

Love Dr Saxe (both of them!) They are wonderful with my children and the office is very fun and inviting. We drive from Sunrise Mt to Summerlin 2x a year and wouldn’t consider changing… definitely worth the drive! ~~ Crystal Sandoval

My son loves to go to the dentist. Want a professional, clean & friendly practice this is it. My favorite thing…Never have to wait. Our appointment is 8:20am my son was playing video games & they call him right on time. This is now our 3rd visit & we never wait. Also love that they confirm appointments via text & phone call. So there is no way to forget or last minute cancellation. Dr Saxe is super friendly & funny making patients feel relaxed. Great location right by Target on Charleston. I wish when I was a kid we had A Childrens Dentist office. ~~ Karen S

They know us by name “The Smith Family”… Also able to accommodate us with scheduling my 4 kids together! So thank you for the last 7 years! ~~ LeeAnn Bell Smith

Dr Saxe and staff are all wonderful! Highly recommended!!! ~~ Lorena Ader-Benigno

I have taken my daughter to Dr. Saxe twice now and I am quite pleased with my experiences thus far. In fact this has been her only dentist since she is not even 2 yet.

The first time I went was just after my daughter turned 1, as recommended by my pediatrician. I asked friends if they had any recommendations and was referred to A Childrens Dentist. I am glad I was given good advice too! I called to set up my first appointment and it was quite easy. The lady I spoke with was helpful and friendly.

When we arrived for the appointment, we were warmly greeted and promptly taken care of. My daughter enjoyed the waiting room as well, especially the birds up front. There is a lot of toys and games to play with and help get the kiddos relaxed and in a good mood before heading back.

We were called back within 5 minutes of the appointment time. The nurse/dental tech (not sure what her title was), was really friendly and good with my daughter. The nurse explained how children’s dental practices are different from adult services and let me know how this appointment would go, as well as future appointments as my daughter gets older. I appreciated the info and I think it helped my daughter get used to everything in the exam room as well before the doctor came in.

Dr. Saxe arrived shortly afterwards and was so delightful. He explained how the exam would go and helped me get my daughter into the correct position to check her teeth. He was very calm and relaxing and my daughter really took to him. He did a great job. I wish my dentist was this friendly!

So fast forward to today, and it was even easier this time around. My daughter seemed more comfortable and relaxed. She ran in right to the birds while I checked her in. When we were called back, she went willingly and was happy. Her exam went smoothly and came back as an A+ for dental health. Yeah for no cavities!

The check out process is super easy as well. I also like how they let you make your next appointment right then and not have to worry about it for 6 months. The office staff that I have encountered have all been nice and friendly.

I truly enjoy this dentist office. I wish they did adult exams too! ~~ Rachel B.

Growing up, I always saw Dr. Saxes commercial on PBS. I always wanted to go since all of the children looked like they were having so much fun going to the dentist. My mother never wanted to take me to see the fun looking dentist on TV and as a little girl, I was completely bummed out!

Fast forward to decade later and I finally got to see the fun dentist! Of course, I’m much too old now to be seen by Dr. Joshua Saxe but both my boys are seen by him. They’ve been patients for three years now. They both love Dr. Saxe and are always so excited to go to the dentist, he must be doing something right if children are thrilled to visit his office.

There are many pediatric dentists to choose from in my neighborhood, but I’d rather take a longer drive, I know that my boys are always in good hands. The dental hygienists/assistants are very friendly, warm, and they make the children feel really comfortable, specially Sue! My oldest son always sees Susan and my youngest sees Sue. Dr. Saxe himself is very warm as well, he makes sure the children laugh and have a great experience when they’re with him, plus, when they’re done they get to pick out a prize from the toy box!

The entire office is catered to children. The waiting room has two video game TV’s, two regular TV’s, with cartoons on both, and a few activity tables/wall. They also have a big bird in a cage but the children never look too interested in the bird. I recommend his office, they’re really great with children and just make the entire experience for them fun! ~~ Brenda C.

This place is so amazing that my 5 year old wants to come back.

I could not have asked for anything more. They delivered more than expected to my son. The staff was amazing with him and made him feel so comfortable that he actually sat through an entire cleaning without being upset once. They had him put on sunglasses during the cleaning and he thought that was cool. They hygienist also told him about the sugar bugs living in his mouth and that he has to keep up brushing and flossing so the sugar bugs wont live in his mouth.

The dentist and the assistants were made to work with children and that made it all very relaxing and enjoyable for him. ~~ Nicole L.