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When your child has a tooth (or more) extracted, your child will be sent home with a gauze pack on the area. You will want to help your child keep firm pressure on it until the bleeding stops. You may need to change the gauze if it fills with blood. You don’t want your child to rinse out his or her mouth or spit for at least twenty-four hours, since this can delay healing. After that point, your child should rinse out his or her mouth with a saltwater solution. This should be done three times a day to reduce pain and decrease any swelling.

Your child also should avoid brushing for the first twenty-four hours, but after that time, your child will need to return to brushing and flossing as normal. Your child should also eat softer foods for about a week or longer. You will also want your child to avoid foods that may get caught in the socket as it heals.

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