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Here at A Childrens Dentist, we are dedicated to the oral health of your children.

Primary teeth, also called baby teeth or even deciduous teeth, start to develop in the gums during pregnancy. When children are between six months and one year old, their teeth should start to come in. By the time they begin preschool, they should have twenty baby teeth.

Many people don’t believe that primary teeth are important, so they don’t take care of them at home the way that they should. However, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that your children have their first checkup within six months of getting their first tooth.

Teething can be quite painful, so many parents try anything to soothe their children’s gums. Children can chew rings, wet towels, and even fingers to get some relief. Teeth come in slowly, but most three-year-old children should have twenty teeth.

Primary teeth are important for many reasons. They are needed for speech. It is really important that children learn to speak clearly. Primary teeth are needed to pronounce words correctly. They also keep the tongue in place in the mouth while speaking.

Primary teeth are necessary for eating and good nutrition. Children with bad teeth have trouble eating. They are often malnourished and underweight. It takes time, practice, and good teeth to learn to chew and eat correctly.

Having good oral hygiene is also good for children’s self-esteem. Children are quick to make fun of others who have ugly teeth. Good oral hygiene gives your children the confidence to make friends and promotes positive social interaction.

Primary teeth are also needed to hold the space for the developing adult teeth. They help align the adult teeth as they come in and make sure that the jaw develops properly. If needed, spacers can help make room for the adult teeth to come in.

If you start your children off right when they still have primary teeth, you are setting them up for a life of good oral health. By taking care of their teeth now, you are showing them the way to fight off periodontal disease and cavities. If you don’t take care of their teeth well, your children may lose teeth, which can cause spacing problems when the adult teeth begin to come in.

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